Do I Need To Prepare Anything Before We Start?

The short answer is no. Clients come to Lead Web Solution at many different stages of their business development. Our philosophy is to help when and where we are needed, and often we are able to help from the outset, where a customer needs initial branding work, to establish a striking and memorable identity.

This often means providing photography and product imagery, among other things. At other times, we are asked to help with a more specialized part of the process, such as HTML application prototyping, packaging design, usability auditing or brand development.

The one thing that is essential you prepare before approaching Lead Web Solution (or any other service provider for that matter) is your business idea. We love to work on projects that have a high likelihood of being successful, and our policy is to be very frank and transparent with our customers about their ideas, offering opinion and suggestions about how ideas can be improved upon.